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A Roaring Success and a Business Lesson

Persistence. Faith. Stickability. Never giving up…

Big lessons about success in anything, but especially in business.

And boy did I get one big wrap over the knuckles on Sunday.

I took the family to the A-League Grand Final at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane.

Decked out in orange we were part of the 50,168 screaming fans who had a rip-snorting good time.

The atmosphere was electric. The noise deafening. The action constant. The rain just a little annoying.

But truth be told I had given up.

I had watched my team the Brisbane Roar dominate for much of the contest only to go two goals down in extra time.

With 5 minutes to go, they were gone and Central Coast had both hands on the trophy and were about to lift it.

You could feel it. A sense of inevitability hung in the air.

Can’t say I’m the best loser.

Like many others, I wanted out of there.

No point witnessing the last death throes… shocking way to end a stellar season and all that.

Basically, there was a lot of negative emotion going on within me.

What’s the point fighting 50,000 as they rush to get home, right?

So 5 minutes to go, that’s it, I was up and out of there dragging a reluctant family behind me.

We were sitting on the top tier of Suncorp Stadium’s western stand… to get up and down you have to climb what seems like a million stairs… so it made sense to beat the rush.

We’d reached the entry concourse level. If you’ve been to the stadium you’ll know this is well above the ground and when you stand at either end you get a good view of the ground.

It seems we weren’t alone in our “cut and run” mission.

Fans were about five deep watching the last four minutes.

As we moved from under the grandstand to the open a huge roar went up as Brisbane found the back of the net.

We raced to see what was happening and just caught a replay on the big screen.

When play resumed something had changed.

The air, instead of being thick with resignation and defeat… was filled with anticipation.

You really could feel Brisbane was going to score again.

When the second goal went in the scenes in the crowd were nothing short of hysterical… people young and old were literally jumping for joy.

What did we do?

Raced back up the million flights of stairs and took our seats again for the penalty shoot-out and trophy presentation.

What a night.

What an emotional and wrong decision.

So it begs the question…

Are you persistent?

Or do you give up a little too easily?

Do your negative emotions take over like mine did and make you do things like chuck in the towel?

When just that little bit more effort might just pay off?

Do you keep faith in yourself and stick at it to achieve your goals?

As for me, next time I get a little negative and feel like giving up on whatever little marketing or business problem I have to solve, I’ll think back to those magic four minutes that turned around a football teams season and created unforgettable memories.

I’ll think of the 11 blokes who persisted and won because they did.

You only get one shot at life… make the most of it!


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