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Anatomy of a Great Testimonial

STEP #1 – Watch this video (only takes a couple of mins but BIG lessons)



STEP #2 – Copy this Testimonial “hot buttons” Checklist

Have your clients include these HOT BUTTONS in your testimonials…

  • SAFETY (Your reliability to deliver)
  • AUTHENTICITY (and connection – why they like you)
  • CREDIBILITY (a transformational story with quantifiable results – “blind now I see”)
  • VALUE (price and their comparative ROI)
  • COMFORT (how they felt – before/after)
  • CAN I (what barriers to entry are there)


STEP #3 – Apply this checklist to the testimonial above

How does it rate?

Scroll to the bottom for my answers…


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SAFETY: yes, he was strong on this with phrases like “covered everything”, “easy to understand” etc

AUTHENTICITY: strong again… used word authentic, no BS style, knowledgeable

CREDIBILITY: “got client within 4 days” – big transformation

VALUE: “way too cheap”, “best thing I ever did” (note to self re first comment!!), “been too busy to do the testimonial”

COMFORT: “gave me confidence”

CAN I: “doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner, a copywriter, a newbie” … anyone can benefit


So yes, James did a good job.

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Their delivery does NOT have to be perfect… in fact it’s better if it’s not because it comes across as more authentic.



PS register for the 2-day bootcamp “Crack the Copywriting Mastercodes” NOW by emailing with the subject line CTCMC.