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Business Lessons from Avatar… the Movie of the Year in 2010

Right, the Christmas turkey has settled. Tree and decorations packed away. Time to sit down to plan 2011.

Now, whether you saw the film Avatar or not, there are massive lessons to come out of this blockbuster film… lessons for business owners, marketers and copywriters.

Lessons for business from a high-tech flick?

Yep. Big time.

They say “success leaves clues” so let’s have a quick look at the success of Avatar: it was the highest grossing film of all time in the US and Canada, surpassing Titanic; was nominated for 9 Academy Awards and won 3; it became first film to gross more than $2 billion.

Not bad, hey?

So how does a movie help you in your business or career?

Simple. It follows a time-proven marketing formula: there is nothing new, just new combinations of the old.

It’s all already been written and done before.

Don’t believe me? Peel back all the fancy, high-tech and really cool stuff that made Avatar the movie it was and what have you got?

Let’s see… greedy mining company rips off locals and destroys the environment… the hero rides in (in this case on a viscous flying thingy) and saves the day.

Come on. New? Never been done before? Hardly.

And what of the sub-plot, the love story?

Leading female and leading male clash at the start, hate each other even. Then guess what? They fall in love. There was even the jealousy of the female’s betrothed thrown in… now, we’ve never seen that before…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not having a go at Avatar, its producers or anyone involved with the movie, it was great fun and I’ve watched it three times.

But they had massive success with theme and storyline that’s been done and re-done a thousand times. They simply (ok, very technically) packaged it another way.

Change the setting and specifics of the mining operation, add some awesome Twenty-first Century 3-D computer generated stuff and hey presto… winner!

How does this apply to you and your business?

As you plan for 2011, do an “Avatar”. Study previous SUCCESSFUL marketing campaigns and promotions and re-package them to suit your business.

I’m not talking about stealing other people’s stuff. No way. But you can look at what’s working in other industries, other locations and “Avatar” them for your business.

No one has a mortgage on a love story. Or a greedy mining company ripping off locals. Or even a gung-ho American soldier/caring greenie conflict story.

Avatar used them all. But with a different twist.

So find out what has worked before that can be adapted to your business, with a different twist.Your twist.

Study what has already been written and made sales, and “Avatar” it… “What’s Old is New Again”.

Remember, there really is very little new, just new combinations of the old.

You only get one shot at life… make the most of it!


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