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Cutting Edge Copywriting Secrets & Marketing Strategies to Make Your Business Outrageously Successful

“Dream ‘Done with You’ Shortcut to Sales Writing Success”

This training is like a writing and marketing skills “Jet Pack”. No matter where you are NOW, 5 weeks of training with me will give you CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and CERTAINTY every time you sit down to write. That’s got to be worth the time and money investment in yourself.

You leverage off my years of writing winning promotions and take all the secrets acquired in the trenches to BOOST YOUR SALES WRITING SKILLS for much better results than going it alone will ever produce!

See for yourself why business owners and writers rave about my live trainings…

Here’s what happens each week… 

Week 1 – Story, Emotional Buying Triggers, How to Get Attention

Story basics and how to deliver

Buying triggers – 5 dark and real reasons people buy which no one talks about

How to get attention with headline – the 4 key principles you MUST follow and how these relate to buying triggers… plus real examples of how to do it

Homework Exercises (complete and submit for critique)


Week 2 – How to construct an offer

The 7 thinking stages to create compelling offers it’s hard to say no to – I teach you a PROCESS you can apply over and over again

Remember, they buy the offer so you MUST put time into this, which is why we devote a whole week to it.

Plus 2 powerful bonus swipe files which contain 10 pieces of winning copy including a FAX that sold a combined 2.1 million worth of products over 3 years!!

Homework Exercises (complete and submit for critique)


Week 3 – Proof, Sales Formula, Speed Writing tips

How to overcome the lack of trust prevalent in today’s market – 6 proven and winning ways to do so

The 5 step sales formula responsible for literally millions in sales – which I apply to 95% of the copy I write – makes it easy to know what to write next

Time is money – I give you 8 of my hard won and proven tips for punching out cash converting copy at warp speed so you make more money faster

Homework Exercises (complete and submit for critique)


Week 4 – Short form sales letter draft 1

Apply what you’ve learned – Given base material to work from and you go away and draft your letter

Homework Exercises (complete and submit for critique)


Week 5 – Critique my letter and polish yours

Compare and contrast your letter with mine… bridges the gap for you! Detailed analysis of lessons learned. And you get to keep my version for your swipe file.




I’ll match your investment in yourself each week with a bonus that exceeds in value (waaaaaay more btw) than the weekly 160 investment.

Here’s how…

Week #1 Bonus – The Diamond Dozen Research Guide (valued at $297)

The 12 step process I go through before I write a word – hard won lessons for crafting compelling copy

Week #2 Bonus – 12 Ads to  Survive the Recession (valued at $200)

Ads I’ve or anothher gun marketer have written that have worked in the real world… a treasure trove of ideas no matter what business you are in

Week #3 Bonus – Email Swipe File (valued at $199)

4 high converting emails which incoporate the success pricniples taught in this training

Week #4 Bonus – Online and Offline Swipe File (valued at $697)

6 samples of copy that kicked butt… get this… includes a fax that did $2.1 million over 4 years, a webinar landing page that sold a property training (another 2 million in sales) a lead gen ad control that ran for 3 years unchanged and a direct mail piece with a 25% response rate… reckon you can learn somethng from that lot? You Betcha!!!

Week #5 Bonus – My Copywriting Critique Checklist (valued at $200)

The 10 “read throughs” you must do AFTER you write that make all the difference to your conversions. Priceless!!

The value proposition = $2490 in bonuses in exchange for your 160 per week investment… and that’s outside the enormous value the training itself brings… including the “winning” short form sales letter in week 5. Yep, that tips the scales way in your favour. You invest in yourself and I’ll match that +++ each week!!


You’re sent exercises every week, you submit these to me and then we critique them on the call and apply all learnings to what you write.

In summary…

TIME NEEDED: 60 to 90 minute session once per week for 5 weeks; preparation time each week approx 2 hours, give or take

INVESTMENT: 799 (just 160 bucks a week for this intensive coaching and training – bargain given how much the skills you learn can make you)

HOW TO APPLY: Not everyone is accepted – Complete a “Serious Expression of Interest” by emailing me at with the subject line “Short Course EOI” – in your email, in 50 words or less explain to me why you should be considered for a place. All applicants notified by email.


Email me now ( to apply.



PS See below for what others say…



I now have confidence

“Steve simply shows us the tools, tricks and copywriting techniques like no other trainer. The best part is the value he shares is worth more than price of the course alone. Everything is distilled that even someone with basic understanding of copywriting will succeed. Now thanks to his course I have the confidence as a copywriter to tackle any challenging project”. – Carlo Guzzi, Perth


Light bulb moments kept coming

“The light bulb moments just kept on coming today! Week 4 has really cemented in the key elements of  the last 3 weeks and brought it all together! (I know you said it would but it’s hard to believe until you get there)! Looking forward to next week.” – Lisa Kniebe, Perth


Conversion success in Week 3

“Hey brother, Some very exciting news!! You know the letter (you critiqued in the last class) to the CBA that my anti-bullying charity was going to send? I emailed it yesterday. Kylie’s assistant replied in less than 24 hours! They are looking at supporting my charity through their Skilled Staff Support program!!! Okay, let’s put this in perspective – one of the biggest organisations in this country is looking to support a small, unheard of, self funded charity! Isn’t that worth celebrating?? A very big THANK YOU to you mate… This wouldn’t have been possible without you recommending changes in the letter. How can I possibly thank you enough? With utmost gratitude.” Ron Prasad, Melbourne