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Free gift – Millionaire Maker interviews 6 Billion Dollar man

Here’s Your FREE Gift from the vault…

Australia’s “Millionaire Maker” Mal Emery interviews the 6 Billion Dollar Man, Ted Nicholas!!


Learn from two of my “BÏG” mentors!!!

Was going through some old files the other day and came across this little gem.

An hour long interview from several years ago.

Yours FREE – scroll down for the link.

You’ll discover…

  • How to put sales arguments together (from 16:05)
  • The SECRET to surviving in a recession (starts 20:56)
  • How to create interest in an unresponsive market (22 mins)
  • Magic guarantee words (34 mins)
  • Ways to guarantee the success of your Guarantee!!!
  • Offer secrets explained (53 mins)


  • Ted Nicholas’ recommended reading list (from 59 min)

Yep, big lessons from 2 of the greats.

One thing I love about this interview is Mal’s comments on the “big rocks” Ted shares…

It gives you a 2nd perspective on the key points made.

Quick word of caution…

This interview, like I said is from the vault, so if you are too “hip” and turn your nose up at the greats who’ve made real money…

Then you’ll likely be bored by this, so suggest you give it a miss this time.


If you’re a serious student of marketing and copywriting that WORKS, chances are you’ll love it.

Click here to listen now…