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How to Make Your Marketing Sexy Part II

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The 9 Golden Rules for Producing “Sexy” Copy Every Time


Remember the first 4 rules…

Making Your Copy Sexy Golden Rule #1: Know Your Media

Making Your Copy Sexy Golden Rule #2: Know Your Colours

Making Your Copy Sexy Golden Rule #3: Make it Easy to Read

Making Your Copy Sexy Golden Rule #4: Words sell, logos don’.

Making Your Copy Sexy Golden Rule #5: AVOID USING BLOCK CAPITALS IN ENTIRE SENTENCES… Again, we’re conditioned to reading with capitals at the start of sentences and for proper nouns. When we read our eyes recognise letter shape from the upper half of each letter.

USING ALL CAPITALS GETS AWAY FROM THE NATURAL EASE OF READING, SO WHY DO SOMETHING LIKELY TO DECREASE RESPONSE? See, it gets pretty darned annoying! A word or phrase here or there can work well, but avoid all capitals but DO capitalise each major word of your headline.

Making Your Copy Sexy Golden Rule #6: The Rule of One… each marketing piece should have only one purpose. So each web page should do one thing: either get them to opt-in OR buy. An ad is either lead generation OR selling. Remember the age old mantra, a confused buyer simply won’t buy.

So don’t confuse them with multiple things they could do make it easy. (Ok, this isn’t simply a setting out thing, but having more than one purpose can make your ad/website too “busy” or confusing and therefore hard to read so it needs to be mentioned here).

Making Your Copy Sexy Golden Rule #7: Short is Sexy… size does matter. Short sentences, short paragraphs make it easy to read.

Also varying the length of sentences keeps it interesting.

A short one.

Follow it up with a longer one because it gives a certain rhythm to your copy.


Making Your Copy Sexy Golden Rule #8: Visuals are Sexy… if you are going to include photos, follow these two guidelines:

1. Always have a caption… we are visual creatures and people’s eyes are automatically drawn to photos so never miss the opportunity to “sell” with a powerful caption

2. Offline – pictures should be no more than ¼ of your ad space

Making Your Copy Sexy Golden Rule #9: Get Attention… make your headlines big and bold enough for the casual glancer (which is how we all read!) to notice your message. It’s always a balancing act… too big and it looks silly… too small and they won’t see it. Make the headline large enough to give force to your message.

Ok, there you go 9 Golden Rules for Making Your Copy Sexy!

Are you feeling sexier… in a marketing sense? Ok, it might NOT be time for a cold shower but apply these rules to your next promotion and watch your results fly.


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