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How to Make Your Marketing Sexy!!

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The 9 Golden Rules for Producing “Sexy” Copy Every Time  PART I
Let’s talk about sex… or more specifically about how to be sexy… hmmm treading on thin ice here… sexy in a marketing sense!!!

My trusty Oxford Dictionary defines “sexy” as: “attractive or stimulating, exciting, appealing”. Pretty much sums up, don’t you reckon how we want our copy to look?
You see I’ve been getting a number of questions of late about how to be more sexy… or how to be attractive, stimulating, exciting and appealing (keep it clean here, we’re talking about marketing!).
There is a saying, “Good copy is like pornography, hard to define but you know it when you see it”. It’s the same with the look and feel for ads, sales letters and web pages… you just know when something looks right and appeals, don’t you?

With all marketing, it is test and measure and what works well for one market, may not hold true for another. That being said there are certain principles which hold true and if you stick to, chances are your copy will fall into the sexy rather than ugly and unappealing category.

We all want sexy, right?

So I thought I’d run through 9 golden rules for getting that “sexy” look in your ads or web pages and give you some tips to make your copy as sexy, eye catching and attractive as possible.
Here we go…

Making Your Copy Sexy Golden Rule #1: Know Your Media… offline has different rules to online. For instance in terms of typeface to use, serif typefaces like Times New Roman is safe for offline (because it looks like newsprint which we are conditioned to reading) and sans serif ones like Arial for online. “Serif” merely means the little “feet” on the ends of each character.
Making Your Copy Sexy Golden Rule #2: Know Your Colours… Subtle but oh so important is the colour(s) you choose for your banner, website or ad and the overall look and feel the colours convey. The colours must be congruent with your market, your product and the message you want to portray. Again, you get this wrong and prospects turn the page or click off in a hurry. Very unsexy.

If you asked them why chances are they can’t explain it… “I just didn’t like it” is probably all they will say. Colour will have a lot to do with it.
As a general rule I avoid black (except with body copy) because it’s a negative colour. Here’s a quick rundown of the other main colours and what messages they convey:

Red – grabs attention and signifies action and movement (why it’s used a lot on call to action buttons)
Green – calming colour of growth, nature and harmony
Yellow – optimism, happiness and stability
Purple – prosperity and prestige
Blue – trust, wisdom and loyalty
Grey – solid, serious, practical
White – purity, cleanliness and strength

Note: a few years ago, for headlines, red was all the rage. Now, with the web maturing as a marketplace trusting blue is being used more and more.

Making Your Copy Sexy Golden Rule #3: Make it Easy to Read… it might be creative but choosing different fonts can make it VERY difficult to read and even confuse prospects, so stick to the tried and true. See, it just becomes annoying if there are too many fonts your market isn’t used to. It’s about conveying a sales message not about being creative per se, so stick to what works.

Making Your Copy Sexy Golden Rule #4: Words sell, logos don’t… so NEVER put your logo big and bold at the top. If you have to include it, make it small and at the bottom of the letter or ad.

Next post contains the last 5 “Sexy Golden Rules”… stay tuned!


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