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My Weight Loss Secrets Revealed…

Ok so yes, damning admission…

I was a fat bastard.

Now – not.

Boy do I feel better for it.

For years I reckon I was in denial.

But there’s only so many times you can suck your gut in for a photo, right?

Here’s the thing though…

I love beer, chocolate, ice cream.

And as discplined as I am in many areas of life, I still like to have fun and enjoy myself (preferrably with beer, chocolate and ice cream).

Which has been at odds with my raised health consciousness last 18 months.

Tried stuff like Isagenix (ok but… hmmm) and Jenny has been big on I quit sugar and a few other fads.

But nothing really worked until…

Until a seeming aligning of the planets for me.

Here’s proof…

Pic #1 – Taken in Stamford, Connecticut in 2014 with legendary copywriter Gary Bencivenga… guess I forgot the ol’ suck in the gut as they say smile routine. Yup, fat bastard!!


Hey, bit of respect… a lot of “work” went into that!! Lol.

Biggest thing I hated was the “gut roll” over my ever-tightening jeans when I sat down.


Check out Pic #2 – Taken 12 November this year in Brisbane with 3 time World Champion Kickboxer Ian Jacobs


It’s about an 8kg leaner me.

Want to know what made all the difference?

Would love to say it was a magic pill but…

Really, it was a combo of several factors at the right time.

And note – I definitely needed a “mechanism” external to myself to get it done.

So here’s my multi-step weight loss secrets…

Step #1 – growing awareness of being a “fat bastard” need to live better (kudos to Jenny)

Step #2 – a mentor introduced me to therapeutic ketones (a supplement which burns fat and boosts energy – so you can train harder)

Step #3 – changed diet… low sugar, low carb, high fat and high protein (don’t much feel like beer anymore)

Step #4 – took up boxing… now THAT’S a workout!!!

Step #5 – started drinking alkalised water which is micro-clustered so it penetrates cells better and flushes toxins like lactic acid out (not sore after hard gym session and can go harder)

Step #6 – started wearing a belt with my jeans to stop them falling down

And yes, added some self-discpline to do above as well.

To be sure…

The ketones and the water are available to everyone and have been GAME CHANGERS for me.

They are network marketing distribution channels so you can make $$$ if you want (NM not really my thing but happy to share links etc to help others out and for the right person they can be lucrative).

People I’ve shared the ketones with are having great results… eg Adam told me last week he had to buy new pants (I just started wearing a belt).

If you’d like to know more either from health perspective or biz opp happy to share my experiences with ketones and water with you.

Or if you just have a question or two happy to share what i eat and when and what exercise I do.

Oh, and in case you are wondering…

I aint perfect…

Chocolate is still VERY tempting (and oh so tasty).

Guess I go for progress over perfection.

Former “Fat Bastard” signing off…