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October Quick Copy Class “cheat sheet” – How to Leverage Off this Hot Button in All of Us

The “HOT BUTTON” in every human is revealed in this month’s Quick Copy Class “cheat sheet”

Yup, lays it all out for you and…

Gives you examples for your swipe file.

You’ll love it.

I know this because every person I’ve taught it too has loved it.

Before you scroll to the bottom to access it, your  live training opportunities this month are…

#1 Business Owners Conversion Masterclass Short Course – 5 weeks LIVE small group training

Fast track your writing confidence with my now slightly famous “by contrast and comparison” learning methods.

Topics covered:

**Emotional Trigger Points

**Offer essentials

**Proof elements often missed

**How to write a sales letter fast

**What works and doesn’t work… and why

You’ll be set exercises each week, submit work to me to be critiqued and have your work critiqued by other participants in this safe, closed learning environment

90 min sessions + Q&A every week

FEE: 160 per week

What to do: hurry, one spot left – REPLY TO THIS EMAIL

#2 Sneak Peek: live “international training” coming very soon – WATCH YOUR EMAILS FOR DETAILS – this is HOT!!!..

Ok, so grab your October Quick Copy Class “cheat sheet” – CLICK THE LINK BELOW