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The “Master Key” to Marketing Success

If you have the feeling marketing is getting harder and harder in this day and age, you’re not alone. We live in a world of increasing pace, growing clutter and greater complexity.

Getting your message to your market is much harder than even a few years ago and certainly much more difficult and expensive than a generation ago.

For instance in the 1970s the total number of marketing messages received per person per day was estimated to be between 500 and 2,000. A lot, wouldn’t you agree?

What about today?

Hold onto your hat… between 3,500 and 5,000 PER DAY!!

Not only that research is indicating you need to spend three times as much money on your advertising today compared to 30 years ago and when you do you’ll only get half the result for that spend.

So if you have had the “feeling” it’s getting harder, relax… it’s not you, it’s a fact.

What are you going to do about it?

Learn the “Master Key” and get good at it!

I learned the “Master Key” while walking the glitter strip of South Beach in Miami, Florida with the family late 2009.

This is real Miami Vice territory (for those “experienced” enough to remember the hit TV series of the 80s)… I sooo wanted to don my pastel t-shirt, white suit and white shoes… I would have been Crockett, you could have been Tubbs… shades on, really cool… sorry, bit carried away there…

Anyway, we were walking along in t-shorts and boardies (way too hot there for the suit thing anyway, even with a t-shirt) and enjoying the balmy autumn weather.

We came to one of those novelty t-shirt shops which in the US seem nearly as numerous as Starbuck’s and my 9 year old son stopped and started looking.

Within probably 5 seconds he burst out laughing.

Not just any laugh.

A full on belly laugh, the kind where you can’t talk because you’re laughing so hard. He just pointed and giggled away.

It took us a while to figure out exactly what had grabbed his attention.

Ready for it?

Now remember, these shops are pretty big, wall to wall t-shirts with ALL sorts of short, witty, profane and downright obscene ditties, sayings and images. We’re talking dozens of them, row upon row displayed floor to ceiling.

In all the clutter his 9 year old boy eyes had found THE message and he zeroed in on it.

Now this isn’t a comment about female body parts per se, so stick with me here for the message.

There it was, plain white t-shirt, big bold black letters.

Here’s what grabbed his attention:


I might add, his second favourite was… I Pee in Pools…

Anyway, the point is he was able to pick out what appealed to him.

It struck me as we laughed about it later (and no we didn’t buy the shirt) that the “boy and the t-shirt” episode is just like you marketing your products and services: you have to find some way to stand out from all the other “t-shirts in the shop”.


Here’s the “master key”…
Tap into the dominant emotions of your market, dig deep and find the key words that hit your prospects between the eyes.

We now know that the key word for the 9 year old male market is “Boobies”.

You might not be marketing to 9 year olds and you probably can’t use “boobies” either but it’s your job to dig deep into your market and find the key words or phrases your prospects instantly identify with, feel and will see in all the clutter.

What are your market’s key words, dominant emotions, pain points?

Next time you sit down to plan a promotion, remember back to the “Boobies make me happy” t-shirt, it will help set your compass as you find ways to cut through the clutter.

You only get one shot at life… make the most of it!


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