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The Worst Advice Ever?

A valuable marketing lesson…

He took the fishing rod down off the rack.

It was a brand new “Ugly Stick” rod matched to a Penn Slammer 460 reel.

Darn fine piece of fishing gear.

“All up worth 200 bucks,” he said. “But I talked ‘em down to 150.”

My mate “Dave” (not his real name) put it in my hands like Merlin handing Excalibur to King Arthur at his inauguration… reverence and awe to match.

I gave the obligatory “Wow” and looked it over. Wound the reel a few times. Gave it a wiggle.

Being from the Sunshine Coast, I’ve naturally done a bit of fishing and this WAS a nice rig.

“Good one mate, you’ll clean up with that,” I said as I handed it back to him and watched him put it back up on its rack… along with the nine or so others that adorned his garage wall.

Like I said, I’ve done a bit of fishing and love nothing more than wetting a line so I looked in wonder at all the fishing paraphernalia in his garage.

It amounted to anglers’ heaven.

But this little episode really hit home to me something all marketers need to consider.

You see, the thing is, I KNOW “Dave” can’t afford this new rod. And he probably can’t afford many of the ones in his collection either.

How do I know?

For starters, he’s always complaining about money. Or more specifically never having enough money.

And it shows. House is run down. He loves his thongs. His car blows smoke every time he accelerates.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course and not that I’m having a go at all at “Dave”.

But it reminds me of the old marketing advice you’re probably familiar with…

Reckon that’s got to be one of the worst pieces of advice ever.


Well, for starters, what our “needs”?

Shelter. Water. Sewerage system. Food. Clothing. Electricity. And probably fuel to get from A to B.

The rest really are our wants.

So unless you’re in the business of one of those items listed above, chances are you’re going to go broke as a business owner aren’t you?


“Dave” is a case in point… we humans are funny creatures. We know what we need. Yet we will go out of our way to justify spending to satisfy our wants.

Just like “Dave” and his fishing rods. He didn’t “need” a new rod… we “wanted” the Ugly Stick with matched Penn reel to add to his collection.

So remember, people generally buy what they WANT.

Your job as a business owner/marketer is to satisfy people’s wants by getting your message to them in a compelling, emotionally charged way.

So don’t waste time finding a need and filling it… find out what they want and give it to them… they will be more than happy to buy.

Just ask “Dave” about his new rod!

You only get one shot at life… make the most of it!


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