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What Steve Plummer’s Clients and Students Say…

The copywriter I admire and learnt the most from

Steve Plummer is the copy writer I admire and have learnt the most from. There's a thousand reasons I appreciate his mentoring and his exceptional marketing and copy skills, but here's my top 7:

  1. He manages a perfect balance between creativity and classic, effective copywriting styles
  2. He'll teach you how to write for today’s savvy online and offline markets that've moved well past the dated super hyped copy that simply doesn't work anymore
  3. Steve's approach gets results, if you want to see conversion rate improvement he's your man
  4. Being an ex-professional teacher and deputy principal he knows how to share knowledge expertly unlike so many others
  5. He has a great presenting style combining humour and clarity, even advanced concepts are readily understood
  6. He has a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of copywriting and marketing
  7. If you want to build your business or develop a career as a professional copywriter he is second to none as a teacher and mentor.”

Steve takes you to a whole new level

I’ve been very very privileged to be part of 7 Figure Writers… it’s vastly improved the quality of my copy and its persuasiveness. Steve is a fantastic facilitator… you’ll constantly grow… sometimes it’s the small things you wouldn’t be able to learn by yourself. Steve catapults the quality of your copy to a whole new level.”

Candice Parsons – Copywriter - Perth

Steve has rejuvenated my considerable copywriting skills

“If you want to learn the secrets of high paying copywriting – or are a copywriter who wants to earn heaps more money – by making your clients more money, with RESULTS driven copy...then sign up with Steve Plummer right away. Steve is a master of the new copywriting-currency. Steve cuts to the chase...he shows you step-by-step the secrets, the short-cuts, the formulas, that turn even good copy into another level of sales-smashing success stories. I am a senior copywriter who has a stack of client successes and awards myself, but Steve rejuvenated my considerable copywriting skills so they are even better than ever – and I thank him for it”

Ron Campbell – Copywriter – Applecross, WA


He’s one of the most highly acclaimed copywriters in Australia at the moment. When I think of Steve the word trust comes to mind. He is one of those guys who just does exactly what he says he going to do. Not only that but he performs at an incredibly high rate and delivers the goods on time every time. If you’ve got an opportunity to engage him just grab it because the guy will never let you down.”

Steve Gillespie – Your Property Buddy – Perth, WA

Made it much faster

“I’ve studied copywriting for years but Steve’s course is so direct and it illuminates so many of the pitfalls… its’ made it much faster and much clearer to market and convey exactly what the customer is needing, so thank you very much Steve.”

Angela Wright MBE – Entrepreneur - Noosa, Qld

You’ll really know how to “speak” to your clients

“Steve is a great teacher… he is caring, genuine and passionate about helping people learn copywriting.

I’m grateful for learning the secrets to copywriting from Steve. I now have more confidence with my writing, I can critique other writing and I have started writing for other people.

Before doing Steve’s course I wasn’t a copywriter. I wouldn’t have been able to take on a paid repeat copywriting client. Now I have!! I couldn’t have done it without Steve! Thank you.

Steve teaches from the heart. He is generous and really cares about everyone’s results. His teaching method is excellent, although challenging… I was warned it would be! I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand copywriting, and more importantly to really know how to “speak” to your clients. Thank you Steve! That was awesome!”

Irene Scott - Engineer, Business Advisor, Business Owner, Copywriter, Speaker - Sydney, NSW

Immediately usable in my business

“It was a fantastic… jam-packed with hard-hitting content that is immediately usable in my business. Just a quick example. I sent my first ever email offer to my back end two days ago. I had just over a 50% open rate and 10% of those booked quotes for my most profitable service. Thanks again Steve you’re an absolute master.”

Zac Pranskunas - Loyal Lawnmowing - Mornington Peninsular, Vic

My secret weapon

“My secret weapon is Steve Plummer. Most of the stuff you see come out of my office has been written by Steve. He has written copy that has produced millions and millions and millions of dollars for us and our clients.”

Mal Emery - Australia’s “Millionaire Maker” – Perth, WA

His copy sells

“I find his style absolutely unique. He delivers the projects on time, very creative and most importantly, his copy sells. If you’re thinking about employing a copywriter that knows what he does that produces results do not hesitate. Call Steve and Talk to him.”

Dmitri Stern - Outstanding Results – Auckland, NZ