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You’ve Got a Skinful… Now Use It!

Whether you like it or not you and your prospects are a living, breathing writhing bundle of emotions. A whole skinful in fact.

Yes, even us blokes.

Are you consciously using them in your marketing?

Why? Well it gets back to the reasons people buy. There are two: they buy on emotion and justify with logic.

And you must use both in your marketing.

Quick examples…

Woman tries on a new dress. Looks at herself in the mirror several times and then the buying justifying starts… it makes me look slim… and feel sexy… I’ll wear it to the party on the weekend and make the other girls jealous (all emotion).

When her partner asks about it, none of these will be mentioned, he’ll get… it was on special so we saved heaps… it will go with the jacket you bought me… I needed a new dress as I haven’t bought one in ages and so on (all logical).

And fellas, don’t think you’re immune. That latest mower (or whatever gadget you bought) will make the lawn look way better than Mark’s across the road and besides, having a nice shiny new one is pretty cool… and manly (emotion)… oh and yep, because it’s new and more efficient it will save you time (logic).

So make sure your advertising is emotion laden as it gets to the core reason people buy, and add in some logic as well.

Real world example from the legendary Ted Nicholas, the man dubbed the “6 Billion Dollar Man” because he’s been responsible for selling that much over his career.

I was fortunate to spend a two days training with him a few years back and I can still remember one of his gems of a headline.

It was for a battery charger. Pretty boring and unemotive right?

Yep. Here’s the original headline: “Bring Your Batteries BACK from the DEAD”.

Not bad.

But when Ted got to it: “When the Battery Failed, It Broke My Heart… I Could Not Recapture That Special Moment”.

Long story short he went on, in the ad, to tell the story of his son at his high school graduation. Just as it was about to start his recorder battery failed and he missed the moment.

Bingo. Tugged at the heart strings. The ad also went on to explain logical reasons to buy the charger.

So remember, we’re a bundle of emotions… tap into them when you are selling… and make sure you use logic as well to help them justify their purchase.

You only get one shot at life… make the most of it!


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